Series & Documentaries:

Epsozorb™ – Welcome to world of fantasy with Fairies, Druids, magic spells and a quest to conquer the realm of imagination.

The Modern Bible™ – A series depicting the bible, in the modern times stories of the Bible, told by the new era

Title Pending – A series, with female detective, (Sherlock Homes type) on Titan, a moon of Planet Saturn.

“LIVE” Shows:

Eli Arenas Live™ – Join Us “LIVE” from anywhere around the globe for a Live healing show, featuring Eli Arenas, a Pastor in the trenches working with the people, healing them of ailments, following the teachings of Jesus.

“LIVE” Talk show: about NFL parody, with 32 teams. With football fans.

“LIVE” Talk show: hosted by London, called London-Time