Green Screen / CGI

Hollywood comes to the SF-Bay Area

The Lees Maison Des Films LLC video studio a flexible San Francisco bay area work space designed by people who used to shoot in LA, but now have moved to NORCAL From SOCAL, bringinning the culture with them.

The 2500 sq. soundstage is complete with a 23ft x 16 ft 2-wall cyclorama for green screen effects:

• Two (2) Quality Light Stands, One (1) Support Boom Stand
• Two (2) 20″ x 28″ Soft box, Two (4) Premium Light Socket, Two (2) Power Cord
• Ten (10) 45 Watt 5000k Compact Fluorescent Daylight Balanced Photo Bulbs, One (1) 65 Watt 5000k Compact Florescent Daylight Balanced Photo Bulb
• One (3) Quick-Setup Soft box with AC Socket, Three (3) Carrying Pouches for Soft box
• One (1) 2 Section Boom Kit with Grip Head, One (3) Sandbag